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it’s the people who make the place

it’s something a combined 35 years’ worth of experience in the hospitality industry has taught us

the goal has always been fairly simple: create a great place in the city for great people to gather in, so this is exactly what we set out to do

we boiled our vision down to this: great drinks, great food, great music at a clear and fair price in an environment which forever stays on the comfortable side of cool

we found our home in Nottingham

more specifically, we found our home at 31 goose gate, in a place which formerly belonged to toolmaker TS Kaye

in our first visit to the property, we fell in love with the space; in our second visit we noticed something extra-special: an original stained-glass window which proudly displayed 31 KAYES

a few meetings later, and we had our name: a NYC-inspired, modern take on the original

welcome to 31K

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